Local Presence Dialling

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Why use Local Presence Dialling?

The concept is simple: a local number on caller ID equals trustworthiness, which raises customer pick up rates which will lead to an increase in sales for your business. 

Your chances of having your calls ignored increase if you do not employ Local Presence. Local calls are more likely to be answered by people. Because their calls are not being returned, many firms are seeing a reduction in sales traffic.

This issue can be resolved so easily, and we at Call Boost have the greatest solution for you so you can quickly improve your connections.

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Benefits of Local Presence Dialling

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Increase Sales

CallBoost’s Local Presence Dialling Solution is purely designed to stop spam labels from your calls and skyrocket your outbound answer rates by appearing as a local caller.

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Global Reach
Local Feel

CallBoost’s 160+ International phone number types (Local, National, Mobile, Toll-Free) allows you to have an extraordinary global reach, with a local feel to your calls.

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Every day our telesales team suffered from our numbers showing spam likely and we saw our answer rates plummet. Since we've rolled out thousands of numbers and started calling our leads with a local presence, we are no longer get hit by spam labels and we did a record high of deals. The call reports showed a 300% improvement on answer rates!


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